Play Dough & Laundry

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TGIF. Amazingly, Flo, I and the baby all slept until 10am. How refreshing! At the moment, Flo is playing with her playdough, I just finished load #1 of laundry for the day, and Little Joe is asleep on my shoulder. My real challenge lately has been finding things to keep Flo busy, and having enough time to give to her, while still getting household stuff done and taking care of the baby. I marvel at how people with four and five kids manage. I suppose in some ways, that might be easier, because the kids play with each other. Oh well, nobody ever said parenting would be easy.

Anyway, Alex is back home in Italy. We dropped him at the airport on Monday and stayed overnight at the airport Hilton… It was fun. It was so cold out, we just ended up staying in the room and ordering room service. Then on Tuesday we drove around Boston a bit, went to Bread & Circus and headed home. All in all, a nice end to a vacation. Darren went back to work on Wednesday… kind of an adjustment for us both. Too bad he couldn't stay home all the time… way more fun… darn paycheck!

Well, off to another day of domesticity… TTFN.

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