Rainy Day

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The weather is rather dreary… the snow has turned to slop, and it's raining… I'm waiting for Darren to get back from a meeting with some friends from his lodge, so we can head out to our vegetarian society potluck. I've got this song stuck in my head that I haven't heard in years… possibly since the long cross country trips with my parents when my dad involuntarily exposed me to country music for days on end… It's an old Crystal Gayle song… �We must believe in magic, we must believe in the guiding hand. If you believe in magic, you�ll have the universe at your command.� La la la la… I'm always intruigued when things just pop into my head like that… Maybe it's because I've been reading a book on witchcraft. Or maybe it's an indication that I need to listen to more country music. Ha.

Call me crazy, but we ordered that exercise machine called the Gazelle off that infomercial with the annoying Tony Little guy, who is so apparently excited about this product, and fitness in general. Though we once made the pact to never buy exercise equipment again (as we've gone through several that have become lovely clothes racks), I'm feeling momentarily desparate to get some more exercise into my daily routine (other than breaking my back picking up toys). And with the weather being so blah, walking isn't an option most of the time, unless we go to the mall… where we usually eat too much and spend too much. Also, the gym just doesn't seem to happen when I have to tote two kids there, so my hope is that I will use this thing (that Darren has nicknamed the "Gay-zelle") while I'm watching TV or something in my spare time (which is limited). Hey, maybe I'll lose 50 pounds and go on the infomercial telling everyone how excited I am… hmm… or not…

Well, Little Joe just woke up… time to get ready to go… Aurevoir.

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