I Can Still Drive

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Well, the highlight of my day was renewing my driver's license. Good to know I'm still legally entitled to cruised the roadways.

Poor Little Joe has been diagnosed with ezcema on his face… It looks really bad, but he doesn't seem to be too bothered by it, other than rubbing his face a lot. We have socks on his hands a lot so he doesn't scratch too much. I took him to see the naturopath yesterday and we're trying some cream and a special diet for me, elminating potential allergins. This diet is challenging as it eliminates at least 50 percent of the stuff I normally eat, like soy, peanuts, bananas, etc… But, I'll hang in there for awhile and see if it helps. Poor guy.

I'm just waiting for the wash to finish so I can throw it in the dryer and head to bed… otherwise, I'll have nothing to wear tomorrow… that would be unpleasant in this cold weather… brr…

Bon nuit.

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