Spring is here!

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Flo, Little Joe and I went up to Amherst, MA for a playgroup to celebrate Spring with some friends. The weather couldn't have been better. Unfortunately, it's an hour drive there and back, and on the way back, I must have been daydreaming and missed the turn and ended up going the wrong way… Long story short… it took me 2 hours to get home… By the time we got home I was in need of a nap. Nonetheless, it was a nice day. My mom came by later and picked up Flo for an overnight, so Darren and I are relaxing with Little Joe tonight.

Dietary Update: Only for the love of my child would I eat this way… I'm about a week into this elimination diet to try and find out if it's a food allergy that's causing little Joe's ezcema. It's so challenging… I've eaten a steady diet of lentils, brown rice, apples, pears, almonds and blueberry and flax seed smoothies. I have a couple more weeks to go to see if it is making a difference (he seems a bit better), then I can add one thing back in every week… but until then, I'm feeling most deprived. Going to go brush my teeth and pretend I'm not still hungry.

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