We Have Mobility!

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It seems Joe has decided to bypass crawling, for a more efficient means of getting from one place to another. He puts his hands in front of him while sitting, and pulls his whole body forward. He looks somewhat like a little chimpanzee, but he can now get from one side of the room to the other in a matter of seconds. So, the days of setting him in one place and expecting him to stay there are over. He's also starting to pull himself up on stuff… It's only a matter of time before he's upright and mobile. Today he has his nine month check-up. I think he should weigh in around seventeen pounds.

Flo is off in the kitchen eating toast with jam. Savory. She has her keyboard class today. My mom's going to take her so I can take Joe to the doctor. I don't think my mom's too impressed with the method of instruction for the class, but what could be more fun than an hour with a bunch of four year-olds with musical instruments? At least Flo is getting a little exposure to music. She's also doing a group violin class. After Christmas, we'll see what her interest level is and maybe try a private lesson instead.

Anyway, off to get this day started… Ta-ta.

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