Mid-life Crisis

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So, I started reading Dr. Phil's new book, in hopes of getting a grip on the yo-yo dieting weight roller coaster I've been on since puberty… Well, I haven't really started reading it… I just read the introduction, and have carried it around in my purse all week… So, this week, I'll read it… Like there's not a million other things I'd like to read… how pathetic… I guess I must have one of those addictive personalities… I suppose it's good my drug of choice is food… less expensive than drugs, although probably equally hard on the body… Blah… What a tired issue… If my dad were still around he'd just tell me to stop whining and eat less… Maybe he should have written a book…

Anyway, an uneventful weekend… we did absolutely nothing productive, with the exception of spending quality time with our kids… our house did not receive such treatment… dirty dishes and laundry provide the backdrop for the continuing saga of the Petite family tonight.

We got Flo the new book by Madonna called, The English Roses. Very cute.

Oh, and we recently discovered MP3's. How cool is that. You can put like 100 songs on an MP3 player and they don't skip while you're exercising… not that I'd know… But, I've been having fun converting my CD's to MP3's and making little motivational mixes of songs… At the top of the list this week is our favorite Escape: The Pi´┐Ża Colada Song, and some Josh Groban stuff… So, now I can be like Alley McBeal, and have background music no matter where I am… Fabulous. Life is much more entertaining that way… Like right now, I'm listening to the song "Your Body is a Wonderland"… Darren and I have made our own rendition, though… it's called "Your Body is a Wasteland"… ha… But, this week is all about good self-esteem and positive thinking… my body is an amusement park… no no… "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me…" What movie is that line from anyway? We've been saying that one for years…

Oh… made some great veggie chili this weekend for our vegetarian society's potluck. Here's the ingredients in no particular order… Kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, organic tomato sauce (tomatoes, olive oil, sea salt, mushroom, onion, spices), stewed tomatoes, onion, garlic, sea salt, cinnamon, tumeric, black pepper, maple syrup, veggie sausage (vegan), veggie ground round (vegan), corn… Savory.

Anyway, to all a good night…

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