Back to Work!

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Darren started work this morning in DC. We took a test drive on the subway yesterday, so he'd know where he was going. It's pretty easy to get around. Darren seems to be pleased with his new work environment and the new group of people he'll be working with.

We're now staying in corporate temporary housing at the Oakwood in Gaithersburg, MD. We're on the ninth floor… ugh. But, overall, it's not a bad deal while we wait for our house to be finished.

Oh, I found the BEST vegan cookies… they're from a company called Liz Lovely. The cowboy cookie is my favorite… they may be cruelty-free, but they're still super fattening… so worth it, though.

My mom's coming for a visit tomorrow… Chip (our dog) is travelling with her, since he's hard to board at a kennel due to his special needs (he hypventilates when he gets too excited). So, I'm not quite sure where my mom's going to stay, since pets aren't allowed here, but I'm sure we'll find a hotel or something in the vicinity.

Anyway, off to tidy up the mound of toys that is taking over the very compact living room. Ciao for now!

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