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Well, it was to be expected… the novelty of moving to a new place has worn off, and now I'm just sitting here in a tiny little apartment with two kids, while we continue to wait for our house to be built. Feels like deja vu. To top it off, poor Flo is sick today, and couldn't go to her swimming lesson, which was her one social activity for the week. I'm so nervous that Joe will get sick, too… it's hard with him being on aspirin for his heart, and then constantly worrying about the risk of Reye Syndrome if he gets the flu. But, I'm getting better at managing my worrying… after all, it's not very productive.

There was a fire alarm yesterday… It was in the morning… The kids and I were still in our pajamas, but when I went to the door, I actually smelled smoke, which, being on the ninth floor, made me take the alarm seriously, so I scurried around grabbing warm clothing for the kids, got my purse and headed out the door. After climbing down nine flights of stairs, there were only two people in the lobby… one man said that the maitenance man told him that it was just something with the heating, and it was safe to go back to the building. So, as I'm going back up, the alarm goes off again… So, I decided to wait in the lobby for more info… Eventually, we're told all is fine, but I decided to take the stairs up again, anyway. On my way, I discovered that there is a little exercise room downstairs with some weights and a treadmill. Hmm… Maybe I should put that to use when Darren gets home… But after huffing and puffing my way back up the nine flights of stairs, carrying Joe, I decided against it. Maybe tomorrow.

Well, off to watch the Sound of Music with Flo… she's looking sort of pitiful lying there in the king-sized bed all by herself. Hasta la vista.

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