Rainy Day

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Blah… what a yucky day. Amazingly, everyone overslept today, so we missed Flo's music class. We decided to walk over to the bookstore, and got soaked on the way. Apparently umbrellas aren't that effective when it's windy.

Then I spent two hours on the phone with Blue Cross trying to figure out our health benefits, only to find that they have no record of Darren, so as far as we know, there's been a paperwork glitch, and we have no benefits. GREAT! Anyway, Darren's talking with HR to try and get it straightened out. I miss our old Blue Cross benefits… it was a PPO… this is an HMO, and I have to go find a primary care physician to get approval for everything. But, I haven't been able to find a primary doctor yet. The two I've contacted aren't taking new patients, and wouldn't see us anyway until they received all our records. Our records are all over the place, so it's a challenge to get it all together. What a pain! It makes me want to move to Canada sometimes. I'd rather pay the higher taxes for the free health care.

Kids are pestering each other… Joe's screaming… must go.

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