Long Day.

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I got up early this morning to get Flo to her KinderMusik class. We've missed it the past few weeks due both of the kids getting sick, and then we overslept one week. So, anyway, that was an adventure. Getting anywhere on time seems to be a challenge these days unless I get a good two hour head start.

If we don't get out of this apartment soon, I'm in jeopardy of losing my sanity, not to mention my girlish figure… oh, I lost that a long time ago. But, certainly sitting around doing nothing had increased the boredom eating, and exercising just isn't happening. Story of my life. But, I'm looking so foward to having some space and maybe getting a treadmill and making my health a priority. I feel like a train wreck. Choo-choo…

Darren's off at the church tonight taking an Introduction to Paganism or Earth-based religions workshop, so he won't be home until around 10pm. I feel like I'm in the final leg of an endurance race. Thankfully, Joe just fell asleep in my lap, and Flo isn't pinging off the walls, as usual. So, off to see if Friends is a new episode tonight… Oh… bummer, it's not… Reruns stink!

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