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I had an adventurous moment today, and decided to just go hop on the Metro with the kids and go into DC… I was thinking about just walking around because it was so nice out, but I realized one of the stops was the National Zoo, so we got off there and followed the masses of people with strollers. We had a nice afternoon, but even though it was cool out, it got really hot walking around in the sun. I tried desparately to keep a sun hat on Joe, but he kept throwing it off, so he got a little red in the cheeks. Flo kept her hat on, but lost her enthusiasm after hour two, on our way back… it was all up hill… I never realized taking two children to the zoo could be so physically exhausting. Yikes!

TGIF… I'm so glad it's the weekend… We'll probably drive out to Hagerstown to check on the house, as usual. We were out there on Wednesday, too, for an appointment with a new pediatrician. He was the only one we could find who had no problem with us just signing a waiver and choosing not to vaccinate. He's okay. He's from Pakistan, I think, and was nice enough. I guess I was hoping for a really great female pediatrican that I could communicate well with. Joe apparently has an ear infection and he gave me antibiotics. I'm choosing to hold off, as Joe is acting fine, and we have a follow-up appointment in a few weeks. I don't want to start and endless rotation of antibiotics with him, unless it's absolutely necessary. Most ear infections are viral, anyway, and antibiotics won't help. So, we'll just keep an eye on him. Again, something else to worry about.

The darn ENTER key on my laptop is broke so I have to keep banging on it… WACK!

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