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I just went to see the movie Connie & Carla… Joe was asleep in the stroller, so I rolled him on over with me and we got a couple hours to relax, while Flo on the Go watched hockey with Daddy. Flo was a challenge today. She was great this morning at church, but this afternoon, we were in Sears and she had a major meltdown because she wanted some toy and I said no. Talk about a scene. We had to carry her out kicking and screaming. Fun! But she got over it, as usual, and the day progressed without incident.

I've been kind of stressed lately with Joe's health. His eczema has flared up this last week and he's had an ear infection for the past coulple weeks. We're trying to hold of antibiotics, as I highly suspect it's related to allergies because he's had a cough/cold for awhile and is always stuffed up. Just to make sure, we took him to the clinic today and the doctor confirmed he still has the ear infection, but actually said she was impressed that we've held off with the antibitoics. I don't hear that much. Anyway, she prescribed amoxicillin and said to keep and eye on him and consider using it if he shows any symptoms. I'm really hesitant to start an endless cycle of antibitoics for ear infections, because I know with his allergies, the possibility of recurrence is pretty high. I tried to find a naturopath locally that could see him, but the one I called so far can't take him until the end of June. Not particulary helpful. So, I'll call around tomorrow and just keep an eye on him.

Our new settlement date for our house is May 14, but she said it wasn't written in stone, so we haven't marked our calendar yet. But, it does seem that the end is in sight now. Yeah.

Off to bed.

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