5th Annual Frederick Celtic Festival

We got up late this morning, which was a treat. Then we decided to check out the 5th Annual Frederick Celtic Festival since the weather was so nice. That made for a pleasant way to pass a couple hours. Then we hopped in the truck and drove around aimlessly, ending up in Gettysburg, PA. It was almost six o'clock by now, though, so all the tourist attractions were closed. It's a nice little town, and I'm sure we'll go back sometime and take a walk around. So, then we drove back to Hagerstown, and ended the day with Quiznos veggie sandwiches and a premiere showing of Peter Pan.

We're now down to four more days before we close on the house. Yeah… we're finally in the home stretch. Barring any catastrophes, we'll soon saying goodbye to hotel life. Woopie!

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