Mud Pies

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Well, due to the rain, our sod for our lawn still has not been put in, so Flo is having a great time making mud pies in our front yard. Despite the fun of all that, I'm hoping we get a lawn by next week… it's a little messy… eww… And the only other annoyance is that our phone finally got installed by the phone company, only to discover the builder never connected the wires inside the house… so now we're waiting on them to fix that so we can actually use our phone service.

We really made no unpacking progess this weekend… We installed a couple ceiling fans and some curtains, and then just hung out, went to church, took a drive and got some groceries. I'm going to try to get motivated tomorrow and get some more of these boxes unpacked. Fun. Darren's going to have a little bit of an adjustment going back to work after five days off. At least he only has to work two, then it's a weekend. We wouldn't want him over-exherting himself… ha…

Anyway, have to go take Flo to her Tae Kwon Do lesson and then continue digging through moving boxes. Ta ta for now!

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