Greener Pastures

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There are huge stacks of sod (grass) sitting in the street in front of our house, just waiting to be unrolled… Yeah… tomorrow we should have a lawn! It will certainly make our yard more functional, which is a plus!

I hear fireworks off in the distance. Apparently, Hagerstown starts early with their celebration of Independence Day… We may go to the fireworks on the 3rd at Antietam Battlefield, if we're not too busy trying to organize for the big yard sale on the 5th… It sounds like people are crazy… out at 6am scouting out good deals… Every year, on the main street running by our development, the town has a Mile-Long-Yard Sale, and I guess it's quite the event. So, we thought we'd cash in on the traffic, and have one of our own, but I have a lot of organizing to do before Monday…

My mom and her friend, Tom, stopped by a couple days ago on their way to Myrtle Beach. She called this morning from the beach down there and said it was really beautiful, but very commercial. I wonder if she'll be heading south for the winters?

Darren talked to his parents today. His mom is going through chemo-therapy for colon cancer, so our thoughts are definitely with her these days. Makes me remember I have nothing to complain about… Also, reminds me I should take better care of myself. I always had the excuse that I'm so young, I'll worry about it in a couple years, but that's not working anymore… now is the time.

Well, off to try to get some sleep… Bon nuit!

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