Tipping the Scales

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While organizing the garage a bit today, I found our bathroom scale. The scale and I have a rocky relationship. I knew I'd gained some weight back during the transition of moving. But, I was shocked to find that I've gained back all I lost last year with the elimination diet I did for Joe, and then some. My day pretty much went downhill from there. I know I don't have the strength to do another diet, and it's certainly going to take a lifestyle overhaul to permenantly change my yo-yo habits. Hello therapy.

Anyway, on the bright side I'm getting close to being organized with regards to homeschooling. We are going to use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for reading. We've already tried a few lessons with Flo and it seems to be a good format for her. Today I spent and hour browsing through our local educational store checking out math cirriculums. Too many choices. Hopefully, I'll narrow those down soon, and we'll be pretty much set.

I was just vegging in front of the TV and watched a show of plastic surgeries gone bad. Lovely. I think as I get older, I'll just live with cellulite and wrinkles and tell myself they're signs of wisdom and maturity and not inactivity and sun exposure. Ha…

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