Mi Volas Brakumi Tiun Sciuron.

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Twenty or so years ago, I would have been up at 7am, excited to watch Saturday morning cartoons, like Scooby-Doo and the Smurfs. Now I find myself flipping through the channels trying to find something sedate for Flo to watch. This morning we settled on Animal Planet… I can't believe how awful some/most of the cartoons are these days. The language is horrible and the subject matter is even worse. Bring back the Smurfs!

Darren's working overtime again today. It's been a long couple of days. His bus broke down last night on the way home, so rather than getting home at 7:45pm, as usual, he got home at 9:30pm. We said hi, he scarfed down a snack, and went to bed. At least he has tomorrow off. I'd like to go to an 18th Century Market Fair in McLean, VA tomorrow, but I don't know if Darren will want to drive in that way, since he has to do it everyday for work. We'll see. There's another one in October, so maybe we'll wait for that… the weather is likely to be more pleasant.

I was just reading an article about a new type of home called a Glide House. It's a new type of modular, eco-friendly home. Pretty cool. It supposedly costs close to half what regular construction does. That's a plus.

Let's see… what else have we been up to. Oh, while searching for a bedspread for Florence on-line, I happened upon a link about Esperanto, the international language. I've heard about it before, but forgot all about it. What a cool concept. I think I will learn it. Anybody want a penpal in Esperanto? 🙂 By the way, the title of this entry means "I want to hug that squirrel."

Joseph is informing me that he has a "poo-poo" in his pants and it feels "yicky." I think he's attempting to potty-train himself way earlier than I'm ready for. Everytime I go to change his diaper, he has a tizzy if I don't let him go sit on the potty, where he usually does a pee-pee. Too cute. Anyway, diaper duty calls.

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