Medical Bills

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We got a bill today, that apparently is just finding it's way to us after a year. It's from back when Joe was in the hospital. I keep gettting bills trickling in from that time period, and it amazes me how these things can just nickle and dime you to death. Back when we moved here we got switched to a new Blue Cross plan, and I had couple diagnostic procedures done for my leaky heart valve. Well, there was an error with the insurance, as we were not aware we had switched plans, and long story short, we weren't covered for those procedures at all. They total almost a month's salary. I just find this crazy. It really makes me want to move back to Canada. I hate the fact that health decisions are often financial decisions. It just shouldn't be that way. Oh well… no sense in whining about it.

While I was on the phone disputing one of these medical bills, Joseph got into my purse and opened a bottle of liquid foundation make-up and proceded to put it all over himself and the floor. It was actually rather cute.

I feel like I've spent half my day on the phone… fun… Off to play with the kids. They're starting to irritate each other.

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