American Idol?

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Yesterday, after watching Oprah and seeing George Michael perform on the show, I decided to go out and buy his new album, like the dedicated American consumer that I am. While at the store, I saw another album from an American Idol reject, William Hung. I think he was on one of those "worst of the worst" shows. Anyway, the guy actually has his own album. So, again in the spirit of consumerism, I decided to buy it because I was thinking maybe they got the guy some voice lessons, or founds some music compatible with his voice. The only thing that came to mind when I first listened to it was "You've got to be kidding!" I'm all for alternative music, but this guy is tone deaf. Okay, it's entertaining, for the mere fact that it says that anyone can be a star in this country with the right publicity and money. And, I'm no beauty queen, and my opinion is purely subjective, but I don't even think Mr. Hung falls into the good looking category. So, no looks, no talent, record contract. Darren and I now think we have what it takes to release our own album… why not? A few voice lessons, a few months on Weight Watchers, and we might even be mediocre pop star material. Nah, too much work… I'd rather dwell in the realm of anonymity here in Suburbia.

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