Happy Birthday Flo!

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Wow… Five years old! People say it all the time, but that just flew by. Florence is very excited about her birthday. We told Flo we could do whatever she wants for her birthday… So, she said she wants to go to the Dinosaur Museum (aka the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History), but she also wants to go to the park with her friends, get her hair done at a salon and go to a movie. So, we'll see what the day brings. I just got done setting out some gifts we got for her on her desk in her room, so she'll have a suprise when she wakes up.

Darren worked over-time on Saturday, so he spent Saturday evening painting the basement floor. It definitely looks a lot better. The work on the basement is supposed to be commencing within a couple weeks, so we wanted to get the floor done before that starts. Overall, the house painting is going slow. We've done about two-thirds of the downstairs, and Flo's room and bathroom, but we still have quite a bit to cover. Thankfully, we won't be showcased on Home Beautiful anytime soon, so we can take our time.

Well, the house is so peaceful and quiet, I think I will go read. What a treat!

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