Icky Sticky Hot!

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The past couple days are the only days this summer that it's been just unpleasantly humid and hot. It's made us retreat to the house and the comfort of our artificial cool air… ahh… We did manage to go to playgroup this morning at City Park. It wasn't too hot yet, and the playground is shaded by a lot of trees. How did people survive before AC? I guess we'd be huddling under the shade of some tree somewhere. That would probably be more environmentally friendly.

Well, my mom headed home at the beginning of the week, so we've just been enjoying the end of the summer, and waiting for our basment to finally be finished, so we can get everything organized and put a way. We have Rubbermaid containers everywhere… it will be nice to store them downstairs. We got an estimate for our bathroom down there… almost $9000. Yikes. Considering the cost of the rest of the basement, I was shocked to find that just the bathroom would cost that much. Apparently we have overhead plumbing and will need an ejector pump or something, and this is more costly. I guess Darren and I better buy the "Plumbing for Dummies" book.

Well, it's storytime… Flo has her pile of books ready. Ciao for now!

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