Can’t Sleep

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It's 2:30am and I can't sleep. I went to bed around mid-night, watched TV for a half-hour, then just layed there for another two hours contemplating and everything and nothing in particular. At this point, I started to get frustrated, because now the possibility of a good night's sleep is dwindling, as the kids will be waking me up in five or six hours. So, I got up, got a glass of water and decided to write a blurb on here in hopes of boring myself to sleep.

We went to a place called Ollies that sells factory seconds and stuff like that. We got a very large carpet remnant to put on one side of the basement. I never realized what an aerobic event lifting carpet and carpet padding can be. Phew. We actually bought it for the back room, but it's a bound piece of carpet (nice edges) and it was about six inches to wide for the room and we didn't want to cut it. But luckily, it fits nicely in the other room.

I found this website for a company called (Door to Door Organics. They supposedly deliver organic produce all over the state of Maryland. Of course, my town isn't listed, but a few nearby are, so I wrote them to see if they come out this way. That would be so cool to get produce delivered weekly. I could send Darren to the coop on his way home once a week for some other basic stuff and I could totally avoid the exhausting, and generally frustrating, task of grocery shopping with two children. Not to mention that I'm horrible with grocery shopping… I never stick to my list, if I even remember to bring it. Halfway through the time I'm in the store, the kids usually start acting up and I just start chucking stuff in the cart so I can get the heck out of there. I really should delegate that task to Darren. He's much more decisive.

Darren's working overtime tomorrow (today), so he'll be getting up in a few hours and is driving into DC with a co-worker. Apparently, driving all the way in on the weekends is fairly speedy and there is parking available. Too bad it couldn't be like that during the week.

Well, I'm off to make another attempt at my voyage to Slumberland. Buenos Noches.

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