Princess Diaries

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I embarrased to say, I love the Princess Diaries soundtrack! I took Flo to see the movie a week or so ago, and picked up the soundtrack for her. We've been listening to it in the car all the time, and it's quite the groovin' musical experience.

It's been kind of a dreary day… drizzly and raining all day… Flo's friend, Megan, came to play for a couple hours, which made Flo's day. Right now I'm watching the news of tornado warnings in Virginia. Yikes. Of course this news is important, but it interrupted Oprah… argh! Joe is sitting at the foot of my desk playing with my paperclip dispenser… hours of entertainment there!

My mom visited last week. I actually made real progress of putting away the last of the moving stuff and miscellaneous clutter. Now the challenge is to keep it away.

Darren's working overtime again tomorrow, so it will, once again, be an abbreviated weekend, but as long as he doesn't mind driving into DC, I won't complain.

Well, I supposed I should get up out of this chair and go do something… stay tuned for the exciting results of that. 🙂

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