John Waite

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Darren & John Waite

Darren & John Waite at Borders Books in Hagerstown, MD

We checked out a mini-concert by John Waite at our local Borders book store. He's promoting his new album and though I couldn't actually see the performance from the back of the crowd, and Darren showed up only for the last song, it was fun to be there, and there was definitely a good musical vibe going on. I really didn't even know who John Waite was until I heard the song "Missing You." He was in the groups Babys and Bad English, which I remember from my high school days. His new music is good, too, and he seems like a very personable guy. Darren got his album signed and even got a picture (above) with him.

So, that was the highlight of a very dreary, rainy day here in Hagerstown. Florence, Joseph and I spent most of the day, prior to our trip to the book store, in our pj's reading books, working on some of Flo's workbooks, watching Oprah and just lounging around. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring some sunshine and a bit more motivation.

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