Promotion, Motherly Woes & a Long Weekend

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It seems like it's been a particularly long and exhausting week, but at least we have a long weekend this weekend to rest up… at least in theory.

The big news for the day is that Darren got promoted. He'll now be a rating specialist… still with the same agency. He's pretty excited to get the chance to do something different and more challenging.

We all had doctors appointments on Wednesday. That was a hectic day. Flo's been having weird pains in her legs a lot at night for quite awhile. The doctor said since it's only at night and has been going on quite awhile that it's probably just growing pains, but said to have some bloodwork done, anyway. Flo will love that. And Joe has a new mystery rash under his neck… it looks more like a cross between hives and acne than eczema. So, we'll be getting a referral for a dermatoligst… at least it doesn't seem to itch! He also isn't gaining weight really well, primarily because he's allergic to everything… literally. The list of foods he can eat without getting hives or strange reactions is small, and it is very stressful now that he wants to eat what we're eating. Today his eyelid swelled up so I could barely see his eyelash… I was about to start freaking out, when it just seemed to subside. Things like that happen all the time. Once his lip swelled to the size of a grape… I thought he was having an anaphalactic reaction, because if his lip was swelling, maybe his airway was, too. But, thankfully, that has not happened. Anyway, I'm working on introducing some new things… what a challenge!

Flo has had a busy week with playgroups and playing with friends. Our new neighbors have a four year old daughter and a swing set. Flo looks out the window frequently to see if she is outside. There's also another little girl from our homeschooling group that lives less than a mile away, so they've been having lots of playdates, which is great. They entertain eachother for hours.

I just started using the Funnix reading system with Flo. I think it's pretty cool. We are/were using the book Teach Your Child to Read in a 100 Easy Lessons, and this is the same people, but Funnix is just updated for the computer, so rather than the parent reading the script, the computer does it, and the parent controls the mouse and the progression of the program. It's definitely engaging Flo's attention more because of the color and pictures, whereas the book was pretty stark. So, we'll see how it goes… It's fun to see her absorbing stuff…

I'm working on updating our photo album on our site, which has become somewhat of a chore, as it requires a lot of data entry, inputting the file name, picture title and description and date into a database… one at a time. But, it's a nice new application from called PhotoFolio Pro, and will really organize our online photos a lot nicer and have a lot more options. So, hopefully over the next couple weeks or so, that will be done. I can only devote an hour here and there to it, so progress is slow, but steady.

Oh my… it's past midnight… guess I should go to bed. It's either that or do dishes, and I think I'll ignore those and do them in the morning. Pleasant dreams!

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