A Stroke of Luck

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Did anyone watch ER last night? This young mother had a stroke due to a blood clot in the brain. Normally, you'd think with a stroke of that severity, the prognosis would not be good. They did this procedure where they ran a catheter through her thigh into the blood vessels of her brain, where they put a die solution to identify the clot, then dissolve it. Her stroke symptoms were immediately resolved. I was just so impressed that technology like that exists. I wouldn't have even though that would be an option. Too cool!

Our power has gone off three times this morning. They're doing some electrical work on the new homes going up across the street from us, so apparently that's the cause. Nonetheless, I'm getting a little tired of resetting my clocks.

Joseph is asleep in my lap, and my leg is falling asleep, so I'm going to go set him on the couch, and get on with the task of tidying up our house before playgroup.


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