Literary Abyss

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We got a little bit of a late start this morning, but made it to church in time for story-time, and Flo enjoyed her class. Joseph, on the other hand, scratched his face on the velcro closure of my backpack and was bleeding for half the service, so I had to keep chasing him around dabbing his cheek. After that, though, he enjoyed a little playtime in the nursery.

After church, we did our standard trip to the Common Market for groceries and some snacks, then headed home. Flo and I went out later for a little alone time… We looked at rugs at Home Depot, none of which excited me, or were in our price range, and then we went to Borders and had a tea and looked at books for awhile.

I have to say, sometimes walking around Borders, or any large book store for that matter, overwhelms me. Just thinking about the amount of books, every word of which, the authors put much thought into, makes me feel that any of my writing endeavors would simply get lost in the great literary abyss. Or maybe this overwhelming feeling comes from the fact that we have way too many books at home already, and I should not hang out in bookstores, where I'm likely to find good deals on even more books I don't need.

It's almost 9pm, and I'm hoping everyone will soon be sleeping, so I can get some work done before I'm too tired to do anything, which is often the case. It's supposed to snow over the next few days, and I'm secretly hoping we get snowed in, so we can have a few quiet days at home.

Good night!

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