Melamine Madness!

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A few days ago, I decided I would treat myself to a new set of casual melamine dishes for my birthday this week. I know, it's a lame thing to want for one's birthday, but what can I say? So, I started looking around. I found this set I liked at the new Kohl's store in town, but they didn't have enough in stock to complete a set. So, I went to their website and found that they have them there. But, even though they are on sale for half price, to buy a full set of each piece was going to be around $300; a bit much, I thought, for plastic dinnerware. Nonetheless, it's good quality, and I really wanted a set of matching dishes, so I can do away with our ugly, mis-matched picnic plates leftover from our early years of marriage. Still, my indecision continued… as it often does… Finally, somewhere past mdnight that night, I decided I would indulge myself and just go ahead and get them. So, I go to the website, click on everything, and go to the shopping cart. Well, as punishment for my indecision, it appears the sale ended about five minutes ago, and now the cost for the whole set is pushing $600! AHHH! Well, of course, I can't bring myself to pay that for dishes. Now, I've wasted an entire evening researching the quality of melamine products available out there, and practically driven myself crazy trying to decide whether such a purchase is a good choice, etc. Happy Birthday to me! So the next day, I went over to the Corning/Corelle store at our local outlet stores and got an inexpensive, yet fairly kid-friendly, matching set of dishes.

Of course, to further my internal domestic turmoil, later that day, while at JCPenny's, I discovered they had a nice melamine set in the clearance section for half price, but again, they didn't have enough pieces. But, since it was so cheap, and I just liked it, I bought a few. Then, when I went to pick up Darren at the Metro today, I realized I'd be driving by two JCPenny's on the way. So, I stopped at at both on the way down there to see if they had any left. I managed to get two full places settings, but that's it. The design is discontinued… as is my interest in shopping for dishes!

Yikes! So, that's my day; driving around to JCPenny's across the state of Maryland in search of melamine dishes. Flo and I did a lot of math in the car, though. How many melamine bowls would you have if I gave you ten, then took back three? But anyway, at least this Wednesday, when it is actually my birthday, maybe I'll have my cake, and eat it, too, on my new dishes!

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