April Fool

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Today was Darren's 35th birthday! That's hard to believe. I met him back when he was eighteen. Lots has changed since our days at Kennebecasis Valley High School. I think Darren had a nice day. I left him a little goody basket on our desk this morning, since he always checks his email when he gets up in the morning. Flo gave him a little stone in a little blue pouch… the stone has the word "HUGS" etched into it. She was excited about that. And my mom gave Darren a gift certificate for a pair of boots he's been wanting to get, since when his ankle brace comes off, he's gong to need some supportive shoes. This evening, my mom watched the kids for a couple hours, and we browsed the books at Borders book store in blissful tranquility.

Earlier today, we had playgroup at our house. Two families came, and we got our first chance of the season to play outside, which was nice. We're hoping to get a deck built in the back before the end of the Spring, so we can enjoy our backyard a little more. But, at least we live in a cul-de-sac, which is ideal for the kids to ride bikes, etc. Of course, the fact that there are five houses being built across the street, makes it a busy street during the early part of the day with the construction crews, but hopefully that will all be done by the summer.

Well, we were going to watch a movie, but Darren is over there asleep on the couch. Who can blame him, considering he got up at 4am this morning. So, I guess we'll save the movie for tomorrow… it's a new one called After the Sunset.

Good Night.

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