Homeschooling Conference

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Today we went to a homeschooling conference sponsored by a local cooperative group. It was a fun day. Flo took five different workshops, from sign-language to reptiles, and had a great time. I helped with the kid's art classes in the morning session, and then attended a couple workshops in the afternoon, with Darren. One workshop was called "Education without School" and was basically a panel of five adults who were homeschooled all or most of their lives. It was interesting to hear their experiences. They all are either in or have completed college, and appear to be very well-adjusted individuals.

In the evening, Darren went to a local baseball game with a friend, and I decided to go for a walk with the kids. Well, it turns out one of the kids locked the door knob on the back door, so when I tried to get back in, I couldn't. I didn't have my keys with me, and I knew Darren had left his at home, too. So, I had to call my poor mom, who had just left an hour earlier after helping out with Joe all day. She came back and let me in, but thankfully the weather was great, so we spent some time walking and enjoying the outdoors a bit before she got back.

While my mom was here this evening, she suggested she help me move our old couches into the basement, as we have a new one being delivered on Tuesday. I'm sure she now regrets that suggestion, as it was quite a challenging maneurver to get them down there. Nonetheless, we did, without too many strained muscles.

So, now I'm totally worn out and am just looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and having no particular agenda for the whole day. I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of Spring. Good night!

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