No Comments on Milestones

Darren and I have been sucked into the the drama of the American Idol show, and we are totally bummed out by tonight's results, where Constantine was cut. I hope the guy goes on and gets a record deal somewhere, because we'd love to hear more from him.

Flo had another milestone today. She learned to ride her bike without training wheels! She's so excited. We actually took the training wheels off the smaller bike we have, and since it's small, she got the hang of it really quickly. We'll give her a week or two on that one, then we'll take the training wheels off the bigger bike.

Joe is cruising into the terrible twos effortlessly. He's now in the stage where he revels in the fact that he can get mommy frazzled, and takes every opportunity to make it happen. He's sleeping right now… we just call it recharging his batteries.

Going to curl up with a book and welcome sleep… Good night!

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