Wet & Wild

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Well, it's been awhile since I've posted an update. Nothing particularly eventful has occurred, except for of course all the meaningful intricacies of everyday life, like watching my kids discover new things, and watching the scale move down a pound!

This afternoon the weather turned really bleak, really quickly, dumping a lot of rain on us. We're supposed to be having a swingset installed tomorrow for the kids, and the spot where it's supposed to go is literally a big mud pile. We planted grass seed last week and covered it with straw, but I think a lot of the seed has washed away. It might be time to bring in some sod. Otherwise, we're going to have to try to keep the kids off their new swingset for a month while the grass grows in. Fun!

So, things were really wet, and I didn't think we were going to get out for our evening walk, which was a bummer because Joe was a little wild man and really needed some time outside. But, luckily, as quickly as they rolled in, the clouds moved out, and it stopped raining. We had a rather nice walk around the neighborhood right before sunset.

This past weekend, Darren worked overtime, so my mom came down and we decided to go downtown to check out The Blues Festival. When we got there, we discovered there was a $30 admission per adult, and since it was just basically a bunch of performances, and then some various vendors, we decided to just walk around downtown. I had a reall yummy Chai tea at a new little coffee shop down there called The Square Cup, and we got some grilled corn on the cob from a street vendor. The downtown area really is kind of dead. I think they're trying to bring it back a bit, and I wish more businesses would move in. I love taking a stroll around town, like we often did in Europe… just sit and have a coffee and watch people. Since the advent of the Mall, a lot of downtown areas have been deserted, I guess.

Anyway, Darren is his usual exhausted self. He got home from work tonight, spent a few minutes with the kids, ate a sandwich and then headed to bed, so he can get up and do it all over again tomorrow. Isn't there a song about that? So, I think I'll go finish up the dishes, and go relax for awhile.

Good night.

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