Happy Birthday Flo!

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Flo turned six today. Wow. Where did that time go? She's quite the little person now. Darren took the day off for her birthday, and we took her up to the Boyds Bear Store in Gettysburg, PA. We met my mom and my two aunts, Barb & Mary, who were down visiting from Massachusetts and New York, respectively. Flo had a great time, making her own teddy bear and picking out the clothes for it. It's quite the place, with three floors of bear stuff.

After the bear extravaganza, we headed down to Frederick, since Flo had evening camp at our church, and we wanted to take her out for a late lunch/early dinner for her birthday. She wanted to go to Macaroni's, so we all enjoyed a bowl of pasta and a salad, and the waiter even brought Flo a huge slab of chocolate cake, which she was too full to eat much of.

Then we were off to the Imagine Camp evening, which runs all week this week. Flo had a great time last year, so we signed her up again this year. The only drawback is having to drive to Frederick every night this week, especially with the price of gas these days. Ouch.

So, all in all, Flo had a great birthday, and was lavished with gifts from her grandma, and aunties, and a few from us, too. Looking back on the last year, some major things have occurred. She has started reading, learned to ride a bike and made quite a few new friends. It's exciting watching her learn and grow, even if it does seem like it's a little too fast sometimes.

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