Labor Day Weekend

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I've been rather lazy about updating our site lately. We certainly wouldn't want our four or five avid readers missing out on any of the exciting adventures of our family.

We've just been enjoying the last few days of summer, and getting Flo signed up for some activities for the Fall. So far on the schedule, we've got KinderMusik, art class at our local museum, tap dance & a weekend gym class at our YMCA. So, in addition to a playgroup or two, and a possible swimming class my mom may take her to, she'll be a busy gal for awhile. Usually, by the holidays, I'm feeling over-scheduled, and we narrow down our activities to one or two a week. But, might as well get out and do things while the weather is good.

Darren's usual work schedule is four 10-hour work days per week, with Wednesdays off. So, since he gets Monday off anyway for Labor Day, he took Tuesday off, and now he's got a nice five day weekend. We should use this time to be really productive and get some projects done around the house, but we will likely use it to catch up on sleep and just hang out with the kids. My neighbor suggested The Western Maryland Rail Trail, which is a 20+ mile paved trailway. So, maybe we'll check that out over the weekend, assuming we have decent weather. Of course, with the price of gas, I don't think we'll be going too far. Darren paid $81 to fill up our truck the other day. Ouch!

Well, off to hopefully enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I can dream, anyway.

Have a safe and fun weekend!

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