Gas Guzzler

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I never really paid much attention to how much of our budget was devoted to filling up our vehicles with gasoline. However, when it started costing just under $100 per vehicle, it got my attention. This last month our already stretched budget has been greatly impacted by this increase, and we've definitely readjusted the amount of driving we do in the past couple weeks. I used to fill my tank twice a week, and Darren would fill his twice a month (he just drives to the bus stop in the morning). If we continued that trend, at the current price, we'd spend almost $1000/month on gas! WHOA! Can't do that, or something esle is going to suffer… like FOOD! So, I made sure all of Flo's regular activities this Fall are local, and we've limited our trips up to my mom's or down to Frederick to no more than once a week, if at all possible. But, with our life being so spread out with Darren working in DC, and living 80 miles away, its kind of frustrating to have to basically plan everything around the amount of of money we'll have to spend on gas. And they say heating costs are going to increase significantly, too, so my yurt in the woods idea is starting to be much more appealing these days.

Anyway, besides impending financial stress, not much else is going on. Flo's Fall activities have started and we're getting back into the swing of things. We joined our local YMCA, so hopefully that will get more use than previous gym memberships. Oh, and I signed up to sell Barefoot Books. A friend from Connecticut introduced me to them, and I'm hooked. Though I'm sure I probably won't be a sales sucess, it's a good quality product I don't mind sharing with others, and at least I'll get some good discounts on fun books to share with my own kids. My stallholder ID is US-1004333, just in case you come across something you'd like to order or want to sign up as a stallholder yourself. Good stuff if you have kids, or know people that do.

Our dog, Chip, just turned 12 on the 8th of this month. He's so big and has had so many minor health issues, that I've had several vets tell me they'd be suprised if he lived longer than 8 or 9 years. He's definitely slowed down, and has occasional problems with mobility, but he's still the same old sweet dog we've always known. I'm glad my kids have gotten to know him.

Kirstie Alley is on TV now, raving about how she lost 50 pounds on Jenny Craig. That would be very inspirational, except for the fact that the same commercial has been on at least four times in the last half hour. Now it's crossed over into annoying. I suppose this sentiment probably signals my need for sleep… good idea… Bon nuit.

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