A Good Day

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Today we drove over to Sproutwood Farm near Glen Rock, PA, to go to the Mother Earth Harvest Fair. It was a nice day, with beautiful weather, good food and family. We finished our outing with a trip to Costo, and a nice soy iced latte from Startucks.

I'm supposed to be paying bills, but this is more entertaining. The kids are watching the new Robots DVD that my mom picked up for them. Joseph is getting a little crazy. Television often has that affect on him. I'm hoping, with any luck, that he'll go to sleep after the movie, and Darren and I can enjoy an hour or so alone. Probably wishful thinking.

BEDTIME UPDATE: Florence was exhausted from an active day, but apparently Joe has stored up more energy. Darren and I laid down in bed to read, in hopes that Joe would calm down and go to sleep. He started jumping all over us and our bed and throwing things around, so I put him in his room. He can now climb right out over the gate, so that doesn't work. Anyway, after another half hour of him acting in the typical terrible-two's manner we're accustomed to these days, he grabbed a GameBoy cartridge off of Darren's nightstand, and then dropped it. So, he bent down quickly to pick it up, and bumped his head into the wood side rail of our bed. AHHHH! This is about the fifth time he's hit his head in the SAME spot, for crying out loud! So, I spent the next half hour holding and ice pack on his big bump, before he finally fell asleep next to Darren. I just came down to put the ice pack away, and figured I'd savor a few minutes of quiet, before I head back off to bed myself. I've been trying to read the same book on my nightstand for the past three nights and have never made it past the introduction. Looks like tonight won't be much different. Oh well. It's all good, right?

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