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Well, as one would expect, having a new puppy and a toddler has been exhausting. The puppy has a lot different disposition than Chip did, and he's been kind of aggressive at times, which has me a little concerned. There's a fine line between puppy play and snarling and biting. We're working on exposing him to lots of different situations and social opportunities, and hopefully he will mellow out a bit with some training and persistance. He certainly is cute, though. He gets lots of attention when we take him out and about.

To add to my already mounting fatigue, we spent the weekend installing laminate flooring in our basement. My job was basically to hand Darren boards, and tidy up as we went. It took three days, but we finished tonight. I guess there's a certain feeling of accomplishment, but I wouldn't want to do that again anytime soon. Darren is sore from kneeling and bending for three days, but he was on a mission to get it done.

Darren got a date for his hernia surgery, which will be on December 2. Unfortunately, it must be a family thing, because Darren's dad is going in next week for the same surgery. His parents were supposed to come down this month for their first visit down our way in about twelve years, so we were disappointed to hear they wouldn't be able to come now. I hope both Darren and his dad have uncomplicated surgeries with speedy recoveries, and hopefully we'll see them soon.

Well, off to take the puppy out, then hoping catch a few hours sleep before I'm awakened by him or one of my kids. Good night!

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