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Train Table

Darren spent a day or so this past weekend, building this train table for Joe from plans he got off eBay. It was intended to be a birthday surprise, but it proved to be impossible to keep Joe from seeing it. Whenever he'd hear the drill or sander, he'd rush out into the garage to see what Daddy was doing, and he was just so excited about it and wanted to help. So, we decided to just let him enjoy it now, and give him a new train set for his birthday in a couple weeks. He's been playing quietly this morning on the train table for over an hour… I'm thinking this was a great idea!

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  1. Julie

    That is fabulous about the train table. I like the idea of daddy and son being together doing things like that. Dan doesn’t have the patience. We need to try and schedule a time after Darren’s surgery to get together. I feel like we swirl around the periphery of each other, and I miss just talking to you.

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