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Today Flo had her friend, Megan, over most of the afternoon for a sleep-over tonight. They kept themselves busy most of the afternoon, and we did a lesson on texture from our Atelier art program. Joe and I worked on a project together, as he would have had a glue and fabric frenzy if left to his own devices. But, he had very strong opinions about where things were to be placed and what colors to use.

Later, Flo and Megan watched the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD with Darren, while Joe and I went out to do a little shopping. Flo said she's not sure if she likes the original movie or the new one better. I'll have to watch the new one when I get a chance.

Flo spent the night at my mom's house on Wednesday night, and my mom said she and Flo had an extensive conversation about outer space. She said Flo had a lot of pretty profound questions, and they talked about why you can't breath in space, and what astronauts do up there. Flo said that she'd like to go "up there" sometime. Maybe we have a NASA scientist in the making? Or maybe just a star-gazer? Either way… the mysteries of space obviously already fascinate her.

A few more things Flo did/learned this week:
– KinderMusik & gymnastics on Wednesday
– Accompanied her brother to get his cracked front tooth pulled. A lesson in compassion.
– Played in the first snow of the year
– Completed another easy reader book

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