A Day of Rest

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Today was Joe's birthday, so we mostly just hung out and relaxed. Flo told me that in church this morning, they read the story of Christmas. It's interesting to me what a different perspective she'll have of religion and religious figures than I had growing up Catholic. Not that growing up Catholic didn't give me a lot of positives, but I think it's great that my kids will be able to forge their own spiritual path. Of course, societal influences are strong, so I get lots of questions about Jesus and God, but we discuss them in a historical type way, rather than "this is the truth" and you must believe it. I am thankful that we found the Unitarian Universalist church several years ago, as it allows us to have a spiritual community, without the confines of a doctrine or set of beliefs that limit our own spiritual growth. More than a "religous" education, I feel children need a sense of community and to understand spirituality in terms of that which is unknown. Also, discussing some of the basic topics of morality, such as compassion towards others, honesty, etc. is important to give them a basis for their social and personal behavior.

Anyway, enough pondering the nature of religion. We had a good day, and enjoyed some family time. Flo also helped me clean out the junk drawer; a lesson in de-cluttering.

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