Happy Birthday Joe!

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Today Joe is three years old! Wow. He's very excited. His tooth, or lack of, is feeling better, and he's in a good mood. Though, for the past couple mornings when he's woken up, or when we're driving in the car sometimes, he says "Put my tooth back on?" or "Get my new tooth now?" Poor guy. But, I think as the stitches disolve and he's used to it, he'll forget the whole traumatic experience and manage just fine with one less tooth for a few years.

We went to church this morning, where Joe was showered with good birthday wishes. After that we came home, and gave him his birthday "muffin" – it was a lemon poppyseed muffin he picked out at Whole Foods yesterday. We lit three candles, which he blew out in two puffs, and then gave him his birthday gift, which was a new train set for the train table Darren built him. My mom stopped by and gave him a birthday balloon and a couple little gifts she got for him.

A couple hours later, we took a trip to the mall to enjoy the holiday decorations, have some Chinese fast food, and a smoothie at the bubble tea place that Joe loves. By this time, Joe was worn out, so we came home and he played with his new gifts for awhile, and hung out with Daddy downstairs watching sports. How manly.

So, Joe had a great day, and has graciously transitioned from two to three years old. He's already mastered saying "three" and holding up three fingers when someone asks him how old he is. Too cute!

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