Snowed In

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Yesteday, Flo had KinderMusik, where they're studying the musical staff and the note "C." After that, she had gymnastics. Later in the afternoon, we did some math and sight word flashcards, and she did a lesson in the Atelier Art Program with her friend Dara, who was over visiting. The lesson was on pattern, and the subject was a clown. It was interesting to see what they came up with.

Today we stayed home all day because it snowed from the late morning. Flo did a page in her math workbook, helped me de-clutter the computer room, read me the easy reader book, "Silly Sara," and watched the "Little Rascals" on TV. This morning, Darren played Crazy Eights with her and tried to teach her how to play backgammon, but I think that will take a few more lessons.

Joe entertained himself for over two hours today by playing with a jar of money and a cup, and earlier in the day it was a bag of polished rocks and two velvet bags. I sometimes wonder why we spent money on toys. Hmm…

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