Busy Day

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This morning, Darren took Flo down to the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex to sign up for a Learn to Skate class. Flo reported having a great time, and not falling even once.

From the late morning to early afternoon, we went grocery shopping to get stuff for various upcoming potlucks and events, and stopped at the mall for a quick look at the Christmas decorations and to get a bubble tea. Joe had a temper tantrum and threw his smoothie on the floor of the music store, consquently hitting Darren in the foot. The terrible three's have begun. Later we made some muffins and some lentil soup.

In the evening, Darren took Flo to our church for a Yule celebration, organized by the children. She enjoyed the festivites and potluck meal, and got to socialize with some new kids. After that, she and Darren continued their night out on the town by goign to Port City Java where a classical guitarist was playing Christmas carols.

Flo's insight for the day: She asked us, "Do you believe in Heaven," and Darren asked what she believes. She said, "I believe in everything." I told her that's an open-minded perspective, that will allow her a lot of flexibility to find her own path, but that in the end, all paths lead to the same place. Pretty deep, eh?

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