Winding Down

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We went to church this morning, so both Flo and Joe had a little social time in their respective classes. Joe loves to play with the big wooden blocks they have their. He's built many skyscaper looking towers of blocks.

Later in the afternoon, we went back to the church, as we're using the space to host our Western Maryland Vegetarian Society potlucks. We had a small turn-out today, probably due to the fact that it's the last shopping weekend before Christmas. Nonetheless, Flo brought her friend, Megan, and they kept each other entertained, and we all enjoyed some good food.

Joe spent time with Grandma, and went to see some Christmas caroling.

In the evening, after we drove Megan home, Flo spent an hour or so drawing and "writing her own book." This book consists of ten or so pieces of computer paper, in which she punched holes and put them in a three-ring binder. I think it's a work in progress, as she just abandoned it to watch the Grinch Christmas movie, which is on cable tonight.

It's been a busy weekend, and we're looking forward to a quiet Monday to wind down a bit.

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