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Mondays are generally the day I try to stay home and not having anything planned, so we can catch up on stuff or just relax a bit, since our weekends often tend to be pretty busy.

We got up around 8am, and I did a few chores, while the kids watched Sesame Street. Flo also practiced writing a few numbers she's had trouble with writing backwards.

Around noon, our little neighbor friend, Dara, came over to see if Flo could play. She ended up staying until around 5pm. During her stay, they played Go Fish numerous times, and I heard them making up names for their movie ideas. Too cute. A little later, they came down asking if I could video tape them because they wanted to be "real" actresses. I was less than enthusiastic about digging out the video camera, but relented and ended up spending an hour or so filming them singing, dancing, and basically acting like crazy little girls. Of course, Joe had to get in on it, too. It's funny how kids think it's so fun to see themselves on TV. They couldn't stop laughing when I played back the video. So, we've got some superstars in the making.

After Dara left, Flo did a page in her math workbook, with surprising ease; addition facts of 9 and 10. During the remainder of the evening, I made them dinner, which consisted of heating of two frozen vegan pot pies and chopping up some fruit, and we read a couple alphabet books with Joe. The kids played in the toyroom for over an hour after dinner, which felt too good to be true, as I caught up on e-mail and vegged for awhile.

Darren didn't get home until 8pm, so they said hi, and then were off to bed. Flo read me book 11 in her early reader series, and we read ten or so pages from the "A Wrinkle in Time" book. Joe's resisting sleep… I can still hear him upstairs talking.

A good day.

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