Puppy – Take 2

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It is with cautious optimism that I say that we found another puppy yesterday, and all seems to be going well. After our last experience, I was nervous about a repeat performance. Bruno is a chocolate lab, though he's not AKC registered. He looks just like Chip did as a puppy. Having a purebred dog isn't a status thing for us, but more of a better guarentee of health and temperment. So, to some degree we feel we took a little risk taking this pup, but we spent some time visiting with him and his littermates, and they've all been raised indoors, with children and other animals. The socialization factor was big for us. We've only had him one day, but he seems to be very mellow and has a more submissive personality than the previous puppy. So, barring any strange occurances, we're excited to have this new ltitle guy and we'll post an update next week when the "honeymoon period" is over and his true colors are revealed.

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