Puppy Love

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Flo is learning quickly what the responsibilty of having a puppy is like. Of course, I do the majority of the work, but she has learned to keep any toys she would not like chewed up off the floor. She and Bruno (the puppy) get along fabulously, and there is no aggression on his part, which is a relief for me, after the last puppy experience ended in heartbreak.

Today we went twice to feed a friend's dogs, as they were out of town for the night. We took advantage of being up and out of the house earlier than usual to go downtown and take the puppy for a walk. We're working on socializing him as much as possible in these first few weeks, especially.

When we came home, the kids watched the movie "Chicken Run," and then Flo started the "I'm bored" routine because none of her little friends were available to play today. After I informed her that it didn't bother me that she was bored because we have a house full of things to do, and any of them would be more fun than just standing around complaining about being bored. Much to my delight, she pulled out a couple books and sat quietly in the living room for over an hour looking through them and making word lists. She loves to make lists… she'll often "read" a book, and copy down names or words she knows.

During the afternoon, both Flo and Joe played with playdough, we played Chutes & Ladders, Flo played in the playroom with her new Cabbage Patch dolls, and we did some verbal math questions. Before bed, Flo read book 14 in her early reader series. Joe read his train book… again… with Daddy before falling asleep.

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