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Yesterday Flo had KinderMusik in the morning, and then we went to Frederick and had dinner at Macaroni's restaurant. We took advantage of the ambiance to talk about Italy, and Florence was excited to see her name in the word search on the children's menu.

This morning, Flo did a couple pages in her math workbook, and worked on coloring in this velvet picture thing my mom got her for Christmas. After lunch, Flo had a playdate with her friend, Conner, while Joe and I ran some errands and took the puppy for his daily social outing to PetSmart. To make it an even more social day, Flo's friend, Megan, is over tonight for a sleepover. It's midnight, and they're showing now signs of wearing down… They are watching the old "Parent Trap" movie and I can hear them talking about whether huskey dogs are wolves, and why pitbulls can be dangerous. I don't know how the movie inspired that conversation. Thankfully, there's a Parent Trap 2, because if I don't get some sleep soon, I'm going to lose whatever amount of sanity I'm clinging onto.

Joe seems to be talking a heck of a lot more, and more clearly, just in the past couple days. He's very intent on making sure we hear him. He likes eye contact, and always holds my head so I'm looking right at him. It's entertaining.

Tomorrow is playgroup, which means some attempt to tidy up in the morning, and I'll be recruiting Flo and Megan to help with the playroom, which looks like a small tornado went through there.

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