Clicker Training

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We were out from around noon until after 9pm today, so it felt like a long day.

Flo had her last KinderMusik class at 9am, then gymnastics after that.

Then, we went to Frederick during the afternoon and walked around downtown. Flo got a cheap little silver bracelet from her favorite shop there, and we talked about where metal comes from and how it can be made into all different kinds of things.

In the car on the way back to Hagerstown, Flo read to us a few pages out of a Barbie early reader book that was laying around, and we did some math questions.

Around 6pm, we took a brisk walk with the puppy around the Outlets in Hagerstown, so I could get in my half hour walk for the day, wear out the puppy and Flo.

At 7pm, we went to our first puppy kindergarten class to learn how to train Bruno. The method used is clicker training and positive reinforcement. I agree with the method, but it's going to be difficult to keep my kids from getting a hold of the clickers, and completely desensitizing Bruno to the sound, so it just becomes background noise to him, rather than a signal of something positive. I'll do my best. I may use a verbal command or sound instead. Flo enjoyed sitting in the class and watching the demo dog go through the exercises.

When we got home it was after 9pm, so Darren took Joe to bed, and Flo stayed up and talked to me for awhile, then watched the movie "Balto" until she fell asleep on the futon.

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