No Rest on Sunday

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We started the day by going to church. Flo always enjoys her class, and Joe spent an hour in the nursery playing with one of the dads and his kids.

After church, we met up at Panera with a group of people from church that are interested in starting a Spiral Scouts group locally. Flo enjoyed a cup of cocoa and a bagel with peanut butter, as Joe was home with my mom, and she can never eat peanut stuff around him. She spent some time chatting with her friend, Emma, and went over to Borders book store with Darren while I finished with the meeting. I'm hoping the group takes off, because I think Flo would really benefit from a scouting experience.

After the meeting, we drove down to Frederick to pick up a few groceries at the coop, and we got some sandwiches, as well, to eat in the parking lot. Hmm… another lesson in eating in your car… a habit we seem to have a hard time breaking. It's so much easier to relax and enjoy a meal when the kids are strapped in.

After our late lunch in the car, we went over to a park in downtown Frederick and Flo, myself and the puppy went for about a half hour walk while Darren sat with sleeping Joe in the car.

Before bedtime, Flo read me another early reader book, and is excited that she only has three more in this series, before she can move onto Level 3.

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